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I’m so blessed and excited to be able to attend births!! Having taught HypnoBirthing for 5 years and attend friend’s births, it is my pleasure to open this service.

About Me:

I graduated from Texas State University with a B.S. in Family and Child Development.  Shortly after graduating, I married my college sweetheart, whom I have gone to school with since elementary school.  We did the newlywed thing for a while and then found out we were expecting our daughter.  Due to pre eclampsia, I was induced and met my daughter with the help of an epidural and a rock star husband. Her birth inspired me to become certified to teach HypnoBirthing and our breastfeeding journey also led me to take breastfeeding certification classes through the state of Texas.  While getting my HypnoBirthing certification, my husband and I found out we were expecting again!! I received 39 week of wonderful midwifery care before being transferred out for pre eclampsia again.  I was induced but this time met my son without the use of an epidural. Both experiences overflowed my heart and taught me so much about myself.

We all have been hanging out since! I live in Georgetown and love it.  My hobbies include sewing and embroidery, attempting to knit, chasing 2 kids and making food that no one eats.

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Package 1- Birth Day Only 700.00

This package includes

  • An In Person Interview and Pre Natal Visit
  • 24 hour On Call Availability
  • Birth Day Doula
    • I like to use massage, encouragement, essential oils and position changes
  • Post Partum visit if requested

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Package 2- Birth Day Doula and HypnoBirthing Class Series 1000.00

  • Birth Day Package
  • HypnoBirthing Class Series
    • Please see ‘ class registration’ Tab for class listings
    • Not applicable to Private Lessons
  • Photos taken shortly after birth
  • Post Partum Visit if requested

I’m so pleased to announce this addition and look forward to talking to you about your perfect birth and how I can help you to achieve it. My wish for every family is a Birth Day in which they felt love, acknowledgement, respect and support.  I would love to provide that for your expanding family.

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Contact me: 1-512-743-1871


We hired Jen as our doula for our second son. She was there for us during pregnancy, going over our details and desires, making sure we felt comforable with her and that she understood our birth plan and goals. I felt so supported by her and very comfortable. She made a lot of effort to get to know us and our style; asking a lot of questions and clarifying. When it came time for labor, she was on call. She was by my side throughout my very long labor- if I had to just use a few words to describe her presence they would be “strong,” “kind” and “empowering.” I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. She came to us late at night, drove me to the birth center (as I labored in the back of the van hah!) and was a strong support through every contraction- rubbing my shoulders and neck- doing counter pressure on my hips over and over. Her belief and encouragement made me believe in myself. She was on it- offering snacks and drinks and recommending different positions and comfort measures. I labored all night long until 5am when contractions stalled and we were sent back home. After being up all night with us, she was still just as kind and gentle. She remained available for us. The next night labor started again, and again she was there with us at the birth center all night long. Not only did she support me, but my family as well. I feel like she just brought such a strength and peace with her. She helped me bring my second son into the world after a hard labor. It’s hard for me to receive help from people and she reassured me over and over that I wasn’t a burden and that she was glad to be with me and proud of me. I also loved the humour she brought. There were some times I needed tough love or a pep talk and she always seemed to know what I needed. Can’t say enough about her. She’s remained a support postpartum. –Melanie