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Heather Hilton, LM has been  a licensed midwife since 2007 and became a HypnoBirthing instructor in 2001.  Heather is the mother of six children and became passionate about birth work after her personal experience of a beautiful birth with HypnoBirthing.  Currently Heather serves as a Staff Midwife at Central Texas Birth Center, attending both home and birth center births.   She uses HypnoBirthing techniques at every birth she’s honored to be a part of, and considers HypnoBirthing to be the foundation of her midwifery principles.









Kalyn Zapata, HCBE is a Gold Seal Certified HypnoBirthing® Instructor and mother of four. Kalyn was immediately interested in the natural and gentle birthing techniques with her first child, and has since birthed all four of her children using HypnoBirthing® methods. She is passionate about women’s rights during pregnancy, labor, and birth, and wants to help other women feel empowered and achieve their birthing goals. Having birthed three of her children at home, and one in a hospital, she is knowledgeable of the expectations and standards of care that all women deserve, and hopes to leave a mark in the Central Texas birthing community.