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Meet your certified HypnoBirthing Instructor!

Jenny Dombroski is a graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Child Development.  Jenny has always been passionate about working with children and encouraging stronger family bonds.  After having a disappointing birth experience with her daughter, Shelby, in May 2011, Jenny came away from the experience committed to finding a way to have an easier and more comfortable labor.  Her research led her to become involved in the Attachment Parenting movement and a proponent for holistic and alternative medicine, and eventually led her to HypnoBirthing®.  Soon after receiving her certification, Jenny found out she was expecting again!  Once again, due to special circumstances, Jenny needed to be induced with Pitocin, but this time, armed with the tenants and relaxation practice of HypnoBirthing®, Jenny was able to birth her son, Jake, without an epidural.  Jenny looks forward to encouraging parents and helping them achieve happy, satisfying birth experiences through HypnoBirthing®.  Email Jenny at